7 reasons to choose Eco-Point

7 reasons to choose Eco-Point

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To remove grease, lime, glue, ink, rust and paint, environmentally damaging cleaning products are often used: thinner, acetone, white spirit or white spirit. Eco-Point believes that this can be done differently.

Safe alternative for environmentally harmful products
For removing grease, lime, glue, ink, rust and paint, environmentally damaging cleaning products are often used. You may know (and use) them: thinner, acetone, benzene or white spirit, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. These cleaning agents are very environmentally harmful and can also be harmful to your health.

Eco-Point believes that this can be done differently. Most products from Eco-Point contain natural raw materials, are biodegradable and - not used unwise - harmless to people, the environment and the machine. Almost half of our products are free of hazard symbols or only labeled with an exclamation mark.

We start with ourselves
'Start with yourself', that is what we think. Because, if you do not start with yourself, why would someone else follow your advice? We agree with Eco-Point. With us, ecology therefore goes beyond just the products. The façade of our building is built with red cedar wood, cork and linseed oil are used for the ceiling and the walls are plastered with clay. All these materials are natural and sustainable.

This is how we start with ourselves, with the least possible attack on sources that are exhausted. We offer customers the opportunity to do the same by using our products.

We share knowledge
Eco-Point has its own knowledge center, with specialists who are aware of the latest developments in the field of legislation and cleaning and product applications. We would like to share this knowledge! For example through training and training on location. If desired, we organize this in other ways, for example via a webinar, video or conference call.

Own laboratory
The products of Eco-Point have been developed in our own laboratory. Every year we develop about 5 completely new products, in which we respond to the wishes of our customers.

Crude ideas are converted into blueprints and the calculations result in test cases on lab scale. That means refining, adjusting, testing, testing and testing again. The lab provides internal training courses for the sales team, so that they are always aware of backgrounds, legislation and product characteristics.

Guaranteed quality
ISO 9001: 2015 -There is nothing left to chance within our ISO quality system. Our raw materials, final products and procedures in sales and production meet the strictest quality requirements. Eco-Point therefore has the ISO 9001: 2015 certificate for quality management.

ISO 14001: 2015 -Eco-Point is also ISO-certified in the field of environmental management. This means that our environmental management system complies with international legislation and regulations. Environmental performance measures and we continuously improve.

ISEGA quality mark- In the food industry, strict cleaning requirements apply to minimize the risk of contamination. Eco-Point offers products that meet these requirements and are even certified for use in the food and related industries. ISEGA-approved products contribute to a controlled working environment and are also perfectly suited to the so-called BRC and IFS standards.

Personal advice tailored to your needs
Eco-Point is not just a supplier of maintenance and cleaning products, but also a partner. That is why a collaboration always starts with a call on location at the customer. We chart the situation sharply and give personal advice followed by a demonstration of the appropriate product. In addition, we can organize information and training on location. An additional advantage: our products are almost always delivered within 24 hours.

Promises, which makes and keeps Eco-Point
  • Our products are ecologically sound.
  • Our products are almost all biodegradable.
  • Most products are based on natural raw materials.
  • Our products are safe for people, the environment and the machine.
  • You can count on people and environmentally friendly products.
  • Almost all our products are free of hazard symbols / warning signs.
  • We have products that have no or little volatile organic compounds.
  • The volatile organic compounds we use are much less volatile than the conventional VOCs.