Added value

Added value

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Earlier this week my help was turned on in the form of a customer visit. A local government that is thinking hard about how to make purchasing more sustainable had invited us to give our vision on this.

Reducing the use of CMR substances and also the use of biobased materials were the main goals. We would naturally like to shed light on that. My colleague, Tom, provided perfect demonstrations of the products discussed, which actually glistened the eyes of the spectators. "Can you show it in the corner?" "Can you leave that bottle here right away so that I can test something". Anyway a successful visit.

On the way back you think: what did I actually add? Often it is about: 'extra cachet', 'head laboratory' or 'expert in the field of handling chemicals' which just adds that added value. And indeed, so summing up, I have been able to clarify some things in that area.

The next day I visited with a colleague Ivan at a processor of composite, who had been taking Remosolv Plus for some time and the term 'added value' became even more clear to me. The consumption of our cleaner was drastically reduced last year with the cause that from above it was ordered to step back to methylene chloride (about CMR substances spoken!), Because this would save a lot of soaking and cleaning time.

Our contact person was certainly aware of the disadvantages of this step back, but felt overruled. In the past, various alternatives were tested, including our most recent acquisition: Multinext 600, but with insufficient results. During the conversation it became clear to me that the process had parallels with the processing of polyurethane. There is sometimes used the 'trick' that if you stop the machine, one component is switched off first and the mixing system is saturated with the other component, making it easier to clean.

They had not thought of that yet and they certainly were testing!

Let us then express the added value here in the fact that the next day we received a nice order from this customer. Look that is at least clearly added value.