News release: Prevent spread of Coronavirus

News release: Prevent spread of Coronavirus

Clive Harper

The most important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

From the government the compelling advice in the fight against the coronavirus is to pay particular attention to hygiene:
• Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, using an 'ordinary' hand soap.
• Sneeze and cough in the elbow.
• Avoid shaking hands.
• Use nose tissues and dispose of them properly.

Eco-Point can mean something for you in the area;  thorough and more frequent cleaning of contact surfaces is also recommended.

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Which soap is suitable?

Pathogens can easily be spread through the hands. By regularly washing your hands with soap and water, you reduce the chance that you or someone in your area will get sick.

It is not necessary to use disinfectant soap. Washing with soap and water is sufficient. This is sufficient to prevent contamination and prevents bacteria from becoming resistant to the disinfectant.

Due to a sophisticated combination of ingredients and correct pH, Des-Eco obtains its extra hygienic properties and is also an excellent general hand soap.
Des-Eco is free from alcohols or other harmful solvents and is widely applicable: hospitals and care institutions, public buildings, offices, sanitary areas, in a production environment and food industry. Also fits perfectly within the HACCP guidelines that these companies must meet. The unique thing about Des-Eco is that it both hygienically cleans and cares for, so it is a two-in-one hand soap. Des-Eco is hazard symbol free.

If no running water is available, using an alcohol-based disinfectant hand gel is an alternative. This only works if there is no visible dirt on the hands.

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Extra attention to clean contact surfaces

During an epidemic it is important to pay extra attention when cleaning contact surfaces. These are the critical places where pathogen transmission occurs most often. We recommend using Glasprox for this. Glasprox is the safe cleaner for hard surfaces: door handles, light switches, keyboards, mice, desks, exterior of various equipment, etc.

Both Des-Eco and Glasprox support the advice of RIVM partly because they are based on soaps. It is precisely this soap effect that acts on the lipid membrane (enveloped viruses) that causes the virus to lose its activity. That is why a (hand) soap-based product is sufficient. It is important to let it work properly. Therefore, also follow the washing instructions as prescribed. Let employees keep the workplace extra clean. Ask the cleaning crew to take extra care of light knobs, door knobs, taps and the railing of the stairs. This can prevent a (further) outbreak.

If you consider it necessary to disinfect surfaces, you can use Microx (only for Dutch customers), which is suitable for combating micro-organisms. Also follow the instructions for use here.

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Good ventilation

Ventilate the work area well. Let fresh air blow through the office, workshop or any other indoor workplace. After sneezing or coughing in a poorly ventilated room, the virus particles remain floating in the air and everyone can then breath in these particles. Ventilation cleans the indoor air, which reduces the chance of inhaling contaminated moisture droplets.


Maintain good health, eat healthy, exercise enough and get enough sleep that maintains a good resistance and helps prevent contamination.