A safe industrial cleaner / degreaser based on a pure-natural solvent, emulsifiers and aromatic-free synthetic hydrocarbons.

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General description

Natusol A is an extremely human-friendly cleaner / degreaser. Safe to use because of a unique combination of natural and synthetic hydrocarbons. Natusol A has an excellent resolving power for removing all kinds of dirt such as oil, grease, ink, glue residues, etc.


  • polluted machines
  • contaminated tools
  • contaminated parts
  • dirty chains
  • dirty bearings
  • dirty filters
  • ink remnants
  • tectyl, bitumen and sealants
  • resins and adhesives
  • polluted engines
  • uncured pur-foam

The solution

Natusol A is the solution where you want and have to go to work completely safe. There are many parts and appliances that can not be cleaned / degreased with water-dilutable cleaners, Natusol A is a safe alternative for this. Natusol A is the responsible replacement for tri, benzene, thinners etc. but can be rinsed with water.

Special benefits

  • Natusol A is aromatic-free and has a pleasant smell
  • Natusol A is pleasant and safe to use
  • Natusol A contains no chlorinated hydrocarbons at all, such as methylene chloride, 1.1.1 trichloroethane, etc.
  • Easy to process in combination with USD (Upside Down) sprayer, which allows spraying in all positions.
  • Natusol A has a sublime degreasing effect and can be rinsed with water.
  • Natusol A is human and material friendly
  • Natusol A is safe on all metal and most plastic types
  • Natusol A has a high flash point
  • Natusol A contains emulsifiers, this makes (temporary) mixing with water possible, but especially promotes the removability by rinsing.
  • Natusol A has a solvent booster that makes the product considerably more powerful than 'conventional aliphatic degreasers'.

The application

  • cleaning / degreasing parts and tools
  • cleaning / degreasing ball bearings, chains, conveyor belts
  • degreasing metals and plastics
  • removal of stickers, sealants and glue residues
  • removal of bitumen deposits from machines, clothing, cones, traffic signs, carpet
  • cleaning filters
  • removal of uncured pur foam


Do not spray in an open fire and keep away from sources of ignition.


Natusol A should be used purely. Natusol A can be processed by spraying (preferably blasting), cloth, brush or immersion method.

  • Spraying: Spray Natusol A directly onto the object to be cleaned. Allow the product to work for some time, then wipe with a cloth or rinse with water or air pressure.
  • Dipping: immerse the object in the Natusol A. Allow the product to work for some time. Then let the object leak out and rinse with water or blow dry with air pressure.
  • Drying by cloth, air circulation, air pressure or natural drying.


Eco-Point International packages its products in metal or in polyethylene HD and takes back empty / clean packaging free of charge for subsequent recycling or reconditioning. PE does not have a harmful effect on the environment when burned.

Spray bottles from Eco-Point International are made of PE or PET: light weight, low consumption of raw materials per package, low energy consumption in production, virtually unbreakable, so a long life, small amounts of waste during production and later recycling, no harmful substances when burned, 100% recyclable.


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