Ecotef L is a a mineral oil based multipurpose lubricant, cleaning and maintenance product with the addition of a Teflon/PTFE dispersion.

General description

Ecotef L is a concentrated dispersion of homogeneously distributed Teflon/PTFE particles in a paraffinic mineral oil. Due to a very specific additive package, Ecotef L is a revolutionary, high-quality lubrication, cleaning and maintenance product. The Teflon/PTFE particles provide an extremely low friction coefficient on the surface and are resistant to very high planar pressures. Even with insufficient lubrication, the large numbers of Teflon/PTFE particles prevent metal-to-metal contact.

Ecotef L is Hazard Symbol Free.

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Product application

Ecotef L can be used as a combined lubricant, cleaning and protection agent:

  • For maintenance and lubrication of installations
  • For chainsaws in forestry
  • On cables, chains and conveyor belts
  • As a replacement for crawl oil and lubricants
  • As a substitute for penetrating oil and lubricants
  • As a preservative of metal surfaces
  • For bearings and open gears
  • On hinges, locks, spindles and connections

The solution

Ecotef L is the revolutionary answer to all lubrication and protection problems. Ecotef L lubricates, cleans and protects surfaces in such a way that the wear and tear of chains and cables etc. are reduced to a minimum and ultimately a substantial cost saving is achieved.

  • Insufficient lubrication causes wear and corrosion problems
  • 80% of the wear occurs in the first 10 seconds after start-up
  • Wear results in additional maintenance and costs
  • Most common greases attract dirt, sand, dust, etc.
  • High friction means extra energy requirements
  • Insufficient lubrication in a humid environment causes corrosion of the metal
  • Thin oils have a short lubrication and do not provide protection

    Product advantages

    • Ecotef L is a liquid oil that penetrates into the smallest openings
    • Ecotef L displaces moisture
    • Ecotef L has anti-corrosion properties
    • Ecotef L provides extra lubrication through the Teflon / PTFE particles
    • Ecotef L has a cleaning effect
    • Ecotef L loosens rusted bolts and nuts
    • Ecotef L is a high-quality lubricant
    • Ecotef L has an very effective penetrating capacity
    • Ecotef L is a multifunctional product that replaces many agents, such as penetrating oil, chain oil and fats, which are often extremely expensive
    • Ecotef L has a better and longer-lasting lubrication than any other conservative oil
    • Ecotef L lubricates at high loads
    • Ecotef L works at temperatures from –50 ° C to + 150 ° C
    • Evaluating lubricity by HFRR: 268 µm according to ASTM D 6079
    • Maximum pressure cm2: 2850N
    • Climate chamber test:> 504 hours according to ASTM D1748
    • Salt spray test:> 14 hours according to ASTM B117


    At peak temperatures higher than 200 ° C, Ecotef L should first be tested.

    Use instructions

    Apply and let it take effect if necessary