Powerful, biodegradable, water-dilutable cleaning concentrate; specially developed for the removal of pigments, glues, inks and paints. Also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical and rubber industry. Can also be used in ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

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General description

Flexeco Plus C is a concentrated, water-dilutable cleaner based on fully biodegradable and natural surfactants and detergents. Also contains a biodegradable solvent booster which contributes to more intensive cleaning. Given the natural character of Flexeco Plus C, the product is revolutionary and a replacement for many chemical, environmentally harmful cleaners. With this product Eco-Point indicates that a new era has started. An era that takes people and the environment into account, without compromising the quality of cleaning.


  • inks and paints contain more and more pigment (dry matter content increases)
  • production equipment becomes contaminated with residual adhesives
  • machines, parts, conveyor belts, chains, floors, etc. become contaminated with glue residues
  • disassembly means downtime and thus production loss
  • in the production of inks and paints, pollution occurs on machines, tools and equipment.
  • overhaul of ink, paint and glue mix and production equipment requires a powerful cleaning agent
  • pigments in the plastics industry (mixers and dosing equipment)
  • for cleaning, aggressive solvents and alkalis are often used (pharmaceutical industry)
  • In rubber and related companies, there is often a brown attack on cooling rollers and rollers. There is also strong pollution of the production environment.
  • Fast evaporating solvents have a strong contribution to OPS (painter's disease)
  • For cleaning paint and glue equipment on water basis, aggressive products are often used in ultrasonic equipment.

The solution

Flexeco Plus C is a very powerful, concentrated cleaner, which can solve the above problems in places where water can be used, resulting in a clean, safe and pleasant working environment. Flexeco Plus C is the revolutionary, fully biodegradable, multifunctional solution for daily heavy cleaning work.

Special benefits

  • Flexeco Plus C is completely biodegradable and very safe compared to degreasers made from aggressive alkalis.
  • Using Flexeco Plus C regularly prevents unnecessary disassembly
  • Flexeco Plus C contains no harmful and aggressive solvents
  • Flexeco Plus C is safe on production equipment (cooling rollers and rollers) and also for glue and paint spraying equipment.
  • Flexeco Plus C contains raw materials that are also widely used in the food industry for cleaning (suitable for HACCP)
  • Flexeco Plus C is not flammable, so no separate storage is required
  • Flexeco Plus C is a multifunctional product and can replace various other products. This means that fewer different, often chemical, environmentally harmful resources need to be kept in stock.

The application

Flexeco Plus C can be used for hard to remove inks, paints and glues such as;

  • the cleaning of equipment and floors contaminated with glue, ink and paint
  • the removal of burnt residues and polymerization products (dimers, trimers, etc.)
  • the cleaning of storage silos and mixing and dosing equipment
  • cleaning tools
  • foaming of heavily soiled equipment and boilers
  • Flexeco Plus C is very suitable for use in ultrasonic baths
  • Flexeco Plus C can be used well in combination with foam gun


Flexeco Plus C should in particular be diluted with cold or lukewarm water. The use of very hot water will cause some of the active components to evaporate, which may decrease the effect. Before use on aluminum, first test. The product can matt finish with a high concentration of painted surfaces. Rinse with water or wipe with a wet sponge.


Flexeco Plus C has natural surface-active ingredients that reduce the surface tension of the cleaning solution so that the product penetrates deep into hairline cracks, so that cleaning takes place there as well. 
Flexeco Plus C emulsifies this pollution. However, it is the case that this emulsion takes place temporarily. So if you use an oil separator, the oil and pollution will separate from the cleaning solution.

Flexeco Plus C can be diluted with water * from 1: 1 to 1:25, depending on the degree and type of pollution. Consult your product advisor for the dilution rate. A guide value for removing inks is normally up to 1:10. 
* When diluting we advise the use of softened water or demineralised water. Diluted solutions can only be kept for a few days.

The cleaning time at the Flexeco Plus C depends on two factors:

  • mechanical support by, for example, industrial washing machine, ultrasonic cleaning or brushing, accelerate the process of cleaning.
  • also the use of a stronger solution generally accelerates the cleaning process.
  • Flexeco Plus C can also be processed with a foam unit. For more information, consult your product advisor


Eco-Point International packages its products in metal or in polyethylene HD and takes back empty / clean packaging free of charge for subsequent recycling or reconditioning. PE does not have a harmful effect on the environment when burned. 
Spray bottles from Eco-Point International are PE bottles: light weight, low consumption of raw materials per package, low energy consumption during production, virtually unbreakable, thus a long life, small amounts of waste during production and subsequent recycling, no harmful substances when burned, 100% recyclable. These bottles have a wide base for good stability and a handy graduation.

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