Proleco. A strongly manicuring hand soap specially developed for ink polluted hands in (offset) printing offices.

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General description

Proleco is a unique heavy duty hand cleaner for the removal of extremely heavy ink pollution. The fact that Proleco both cleans powerful and has re-fattening qualities makes the product unique. Proleco is based on a natural solvent, but also contains a detergent based on coconut oil, which results in extra cleaning power. Proleco is very economical in use because of its extreme cleaning power.

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  • Extreme dirty hands often are difficult to clean
  • Traditional hand cleaners, containing abrasives, cause cracked skin and little wounds
  • (Offset) ink pollutions are very difficult to remove
  • Contaminations can cause skin diseases
  • Traditional hand cleaners based on aggressive solvents degrease the skin aggressively without re-manicuring it, which causes dry and damaged skin.
  • Damaged hands negatively influence the quality of work, thus lead to extra costs and even can be a cause for absence through illness.
  • Many hand crèmes that are being used afterwards badly or slowly soak into the skin, which may lead to stains on the print work.

The solution

Proleco will even clean the most heavily ink polluted hands. Proleco can be safely used on the skin and is ecologically safe. Besides printing inks, Proleco removes oil, grease, tar, colour agents, soot, earth, ground dirt, creosote etc.

Special advantages

  • Proleco contains a natural solvent for extra cleaning power
  • Proleco manicures the skin rapidly without feeling fatty
  • Proleco contains a detergent based on a pine-tree extract, which gives extra cleaning power
  • Proleco is economical in use because of its high cleaning power
  • Proleco does not contain any abrasives that cause cracked skin
  • Proleco prevents hands from little wounds and roughness
  • Proleco contains nature-pure ingredients, is hygienic and skin protective
  • Proleco works very rapidly

The application

Proleco can be used to clean the most heavily contaminated hands.


No special remarks.

Working method

Use Proleco very economically. Take a small quantity in your hands. Rub in Proleco all over your hands thoroughly and rinse with water.


Eco-Point International products are packed in polyethylene H.D. or metal drums. When repeat orders are being delivered, used drums which are empty and not polluted are collected free of charge for recycling or reconditioning purposes. When incinerated, polyethylene has no harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-Point sprayers are made of PE: light weight, little raw material per bottle, low production energy consumption, virtually unbreakable and therefore long life, little waste during production and recycling, no harmful substances when incinerated, 100% recyclable. These sprayers have wide footing to improve stability and a handy graduation to simplify using.

The hand cleaners of Eco-Point are packed in handy 3 litre PET-pots that can be refilled from a larger drum, when desired by customers. Ask your product advisor for the handy hanging clip and dispenser.

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