Maintenance and cleaning within the construction sector

The Construction industry has been under considerable pressure in difficult economic circumstances. The sector continues to see growth in the construction of residential and commercial buildings and companies in ground, water and road construction.

Working conditions and environmental requirements in the Construction Industry

Safety and sustainability play an important role in the construction industry. The requirements in the field of health and safety and the environment are also becoming stricter. Eco-Point has developed specific maintenance and cleaning products for the metals sector that are safe for people, the environment and the machine.

Ecologically sound maintenance and cleaning agents for the building industry

Our products are ecologically sound and biodegradable. Most products contain natural raw materials and more and more products are even completely free of hazard symbols. Our products are a safe alternative to environmentally harmful products such as thinner or acetone.


The applications in the Construction are countless. Examples include: 

  • Removing limescale in concrete work 
  • Degreasing paintwork
  • Bitumen removal in road construction
  • Adhesive resin and kit removal in interior construction, kitchen construction and the furniture industry
  • Graffiti removal

Need advice?

Eco-Point has a great deal of knowledge of specific problems concerning maintenance and cleaning within the construction sector. Please contact us for advice. We would be happy to visit you on location for personal advice and demonstration of maintenance and cleaning products for the Construction sector.