Fast working industrial cleaner / degreaser based on a high-quality aromatic free synthetic hydrocarbon for the removal of several kind of contaminations like greases, oils, resins and sealants.

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General description

Solveco Special is a product aimed for degreasing in technical services, ensuring a quick and thorough action. In addition, a residue-free result is often necessary. Solveco Special makes the product friendly and responsible to use. Solveco Special is free of aromatics and halogens, quick drying and has no environmental labeling!


  • contaminated machinery
  • remains of ink an paint
  • remains of tectyl and bitumen
  • resins and sealants
  • contaminated engines
  • non-cured pur foam
  • contaminated tools
  • contaminated parts
  • contaminated chains
  • contaminated bearings
  • contaminated filters
  • brake cleaner
  • felt-pen

The solution

Solveco Special is the solution for working conditions that need to be totally ecologically safe and for applications where not much cleaning time is available. In practise, these conditions occur when it is necessary to clean the surface without leaving any residue. Solveco Special works fast and effective. Solveco Special is the safe replacement for trichloroethylene, refined petrol, acetone, brake cleaners, thinners etc.

Special advantages

  • Solveco Special is free of aromatics
  • Solveco Special has a high solvency power
  • Solveco Special gives high surface energy which results in high adhesive values in many applications
  • Solveco Special does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons, such as 1.1.1 trichloroet-hane etc.
  • Solveco Special has a sublime degreasing action and leaves no residue
  • Solveco Special works fast and dries quick (good alternative for brake cleaners)
  • Solveco Special is safe on metal surfaces and many plastic surfaces and is not conductive
  • Solveco Special does not contain emulsifiers. As a consequence, there will be no stable connection between the water, cleaning agent and pollution. In result, Solveco Special can be disposed via an oil-water separator without any problem.

The application

  • cleaning/ degreasing parts and tools
  • cleaning/ degreasing ball-bearings, chains and conveyor-belts
  • degreasing metals and synthetic materials
  • removing sticker and glue remains
  • removing sealants and resins from blenders and mixers
  • cleaning filters
  • alternative for volatile and harmful aerosol cleaners
  • removing non-cured pur foam
  • brake cleaner


Do not spray in open fire or expose to any source of ignition. May affect certain rubbers and synthetic materials. If in doubt, first test on a less visible place.

Working method

Solveco Special is to be used purely. Solveco Special is suitable for spraying, by using a cloth, brushing or plunging.

  • Spraying: spray directly on the object that is to be cleaned. Leave to soak. Remove remains with a cloth or rinse with water or air-pressure.
  • Plunging: plunge the object in Solveco Special. Leave to soak. Take out the object, let it drip out and rinse with water or blow dry with air-pressure
  • Dry with a cloth, air circulation, air-pressure or natural drying


Eco-Point International products are packed in polyethylene H.D. or metal drums. When repeat orders are being delivered, used drums which are empty and not polluted are collected free of charge for recycling or reconditioning purposes. When incinerated, polyethylene has no harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-Point sprayers are made of PE or PET: light weight, little raw material per bottle, low production energy consumption, virtually unbreakable and therefore long life, little waste during production and recycling, no harmful substances when incinerated, 100% recyclable.

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