Products without volatile substances

The legislation on the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in inks, cleaning agents and additives has been tightened up considerably in recent years. As a result, many companies have already switched to other maintenance and cleaning products.

Most Eco-Point products do not contain volatile organic compounds. They are a safe alternative to environmentally harmful products such as thinner, and acetone.
Eco-Point is a member of the EFTA; within this organization we are active within the environmental committee.

Application within the graphics industry

Eco-Point has a deep and broad understanding of the graphics industry and the various application areas. Whether it is high, flat, through or gravure; in offset, screen printing, deep and flexo printing our specialists have gained a wealth of experience.

Cleaning and maintenance within the graphics industry

The maintenance and cleaning agents of Eco-Point are safe for people, the environment and the machine. They contribute to achieving your safety and environmental goals. As a partner, we are happy to support you in the transition to our products. 

Need advice?

Eco-Point possesses knowledge of specific issues concerning maintenance and cleaning in the Graphic sector. Please contact us for guidance and advice. We would be happy to visit you on location for personal advice and demonstration of maintenance and cleaning agents for the Graphic sector.