Maintenance and cleaning within the metal sector

With fierce competition from Central Europe and Asia, competition within the market place forces the metal companies to work more and more inventively to offer increasingly added value.

Health and safety and environmental requirements in the metal sector

Safety and sustainability play an important role in the metal sector. The requirements in the field of health and safety and the environment are also becoming stricter. Eco-Point has developed specific maintenance and cleaning products for the metal sector that are safe for people, the environment and the machine in view of a sound environmental and occupational health policy.

Ecologically sound maintenance and cleaning agents for the metal sector

Our products are biodegradable and most are made on the basis of natural raw materials. A safe alternative for environmentally harmful products such as thinner and acetone.


There are numerous applications within the metal sector including:
  • Degreasing
  • Cleaning machines, walls, floors, skylights, beams and ceilings
  • Dissolving fats
  • Removing rust
  • Removing mill scale
  • Removing weld seam discoloration
  • Cooling lubrication
  • Disinfection
  • Metal protection
  • Lubrication

Need advice?

Eco-Point has a great deal of knowledge of specific problems concerning maintenance and cleaning within the metal sector. Please contact for advice. We would be happy to visit you on location for personal advice and demonstration of maintenance and cleaning products for the metal sector.