Remopaint NF. Fast working, safe, biodegradable paint remover.

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General description

Remopaint NF is a fast working paint remover, formulated from safe, biodegradable components. It is specially developed as a safe, quick, ecological product to remove paint and coatings. Remopaint NF is a revolutionary safe replacement for many harmful, unhealthy and environment damaging paint removers.
With this product, Eco-Point indicates the beginning of a new era. An era that takes full account of human life and the environment, without reducing the quality of removing paint.


For removing paint or coatings, people often use aggressive, harmful and environment damaging products. These products are often based on chemicals such as methylene chloride, methanol and aromatic hydrocarbons. These chemicals are very harmful to humans and the environment.

The solution

Remopaint NF has a mild odour and is completely free of methylene cloride, methanol, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Instead it is made of biodegradable components. Remopaint NF is safe to use and works fast.

Special advantages

  • Remopaint NF may be used for both interior and exterior applications
  • Remopaint NF has a mild odour and is therefore pleasant to use
  • Remopaint NF is very viscous and may be easily used on vertical surfaces consequently
  • Remopaint NF is safe to use
  • Remopaint NF is biodegradable
  • Remopaint NF does not contain any chlorinated hydrocarbons, no methanol, and no aromatic hydrocarbons or any other chemicals
  • Remopaint NF is silicone free

The application

Remopaint NF may be used for the removal of among others synthetic and water diluting alkyd resin systems, chlorine rubber paintings, hybrid systems, dispersion paints, poly-urethan alkyds, varnishes and certain kinds of glue.


Despite of the fact that Remopaint NF is a safe product, we recommend avoiding prolonged contact with skin, due to its strong degreasing qualities. 
Always test before using on plastic surfaces.

Working method

Apply Remopaint NF equably with brush, roller, or spatula. Leave for between 10 minutes and 3 hours. The time will depend on the type of paint, the environmental temperature, and the paint film thickness. Scrape off the softened paint and then squirt the underground thoroughly with plenty of water (possibly under high pressure). Clean off work tools with plenty of water immediately.

Consumption – Remopaint NF is applied at approx 250 g/m3, depending on the type of paint, the environmental temperature, and the paint film thickness.


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