Cleaning and maintenance within the non-profit sector

Many non-profit organizations have an exemplary function, so that there is more emphasis on socially responsible action. The maintenance and cleaning products from Eco-Point contribute to your safety and environmental objectives. Most products contain no volatile substances and are made on the basis of natural raw materials.

Ecologically responsible products for non-profit organizations

Our products are closely aligned with the wishes and needs of governments (both local and national), social employment organizations, schools and training institutes, healthcare institutions, sports clubs, and other non-profit organisations.

Solutions from Eco-Point

The applications within the non-profit sector are extremely diverse. Eco-Point has a very wide range of maintenance and cleaning products. These offer a responsible solution for every cleaning issue. Our products are a safe alternative to environmentally harmful products such as thinner and acetone.

Need advice?

Eco-Point possesses knowledge of specific issues concerning maintenance and cleaning in the Not-for-Profit sector. Please contact us for guidance and advice. We would be happy to visit you on location for personal advice and demonstration of maintenance and cleaning agents for the Not-for-Profit sector.