Clinox. An economical product that brings the shine back to stainless steel and leaves the surface dirt and water repellent.

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General description

Clinox is a blend of detergents and specialist additives that bring a beautiful finish to stainless steel and at the same time leaves a hydrophobic (water repellent) microscopic film on the surface. This film protects against contamination, maintaining the beautiful sheen of the stainless steel.


  • Dull looking stainless steel surfaces give a neglected look.
  • Sticky cleaning agents or oils attract more contamination.
  • These oily cleaning products dry to leave a smeared surface.
  • Silicon based products may cause problems by recovery of damaged cars (varnish).
  • Many cleaning products leave a surface that attracts even more contamination and fingerprints.
  • Even after cleaning the stainless steel still has a dull or smeared appearance.

The solution

Clinox is the product to give a beautiful sheen to all stainless steel equipment and surfaces, without contaminating the environment with oils, hydrocarbon solvents or silicones.

Special advantages

Clinox is easy to apply: simply spray on and wipe across the surface.
Clinox gives metals and varnished surfaces a sheen like new.
Clinox does not attract contamination.
Clinox is free of silicones and harmful solvents
Clinox is not corrosive, and may be used on all types of surfaces.
Clinox dries smear free.
Clinox restores the sheen to stainless steel.
Clinox is odour free
Clinox is economical in use

The application

  • Polishing stainless steel in public places such as train, subway and bus stations
  • Treatment of all types of polished surfaces
  • For manually purposes


Apply to clean and dry surfaces. Use sparingly. Test before use on plastics.

Working method

Clean the surface with a mild alkaline cleaner (e.g. E.P. Power NF). If heavily scratched and contaminated use Multipolish to make the surface clean and smooth again. 
Apply neat E.P. Clinox sparingly to the surface by spray or with a cloth. Polish the surface with a soft dry cloth to give a perfect sheen.


Eco-Point International products are packed in polyethylene H.D. or metal drums. When repeat orders are being delivered, used drums which are empty and not polluted are collected free of charge for recycling or reconditioning purposes. When incinerated, polyethylene has no harmful effect on the environment.

Eco-Point sprayers are made of PE or PET: light weight, little raw material per bottle, low production energy consumption, virtually unbreakable and therefore long life, little waste during production and recycling, no harmful substances when incinerated, 100% recyclable. These sprayers have wide footing to improve stability and a handy graduation to simplify using.