What is mounting kit?

Mounting kit is an adhesive to permanently fix two or more parts together. Montagekit is not included in the kit category, but in the glue category. The confusion between adhesives and sealants arises sometimes because many adhesives, except in tubes and flasks, are also supplied in tubes. We know this from the kit. Mounting kit is therefore a separate product group. For more information about assembly kits (adhesives), please refer to the section on removing glue residues .

When is mounting kit a problem?


By far the majority of types of mounting kits contain solvents to keep the mounting kit supple and sprayable while in the packaging. After the mounting kit has been applied, the solvents disappear under the influence of air and the mounting kit cures. Because it may take some time for the sealant to harden completely, solvents may still be released after application. Assembly kits are often removed with products containing harmful volatile substances. This is an arbo- and environmentally unfriendly and dangerous job. Rapid evaporation of solvents creates a harmful working environment due to high concentrations in the air and can therefore contribute to OPS (Organo Psycho Syndrome or 'painter's disease'). This is an irreversible damage to the brain through the inhalation of harmful solvents.


Remains of mounting kit prevent adhesion of new materials such as new stickers, tiles or carpet and give an unkempt appearance.


Removing mounting kit is a time-consuming activity. When the mounting kit sits on a surface for a long time, it becomes difficult to remove it. The degree of difficulty of this also depends on the surface (plastic, stone, car paint, glass, wood, etc.). Poorly cleaned glue and peripherals can cause malfunction and production failure.


Remains of mounting kit do not benefit hygiene. A sticky substrate is a good breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Remove mounting kit

Mounting kit is a universal and elastic adhesive for mounting materials against, for example, wall, floor and ceiling. The glue is also filling and thus fills unevennesses in the materials, so that not exactly fitting connections are firmly mounted. It is important to carefully remove all old glue with a scraper and to degrease the surface. It is best to sand the surface lightly afterwards and to make it dust-free again.

The solutions for kit from Eco-Point

Eco-Point has several responsible substitutes for tri, ethyl acetate, acetone, brake cleaner, benzene, thinners etc. Alternatives so to safely remove mounting kits. Solutions for where you want to work quickly and responsibly and have to go to places where you are forced to deliver the surface clean and dry.

Degrease as preparation for gluing

Remove mounting kit