Maintenance and cleaning within the Yacht painting sector

Eco-Point has charted developments in the sector, production processes and applications of cleaning systems in the Yachtpainting sector. Based on this, we have made a pollution analysis and mapped the cleaning issues.

Specific problems in Yachtpainting

There is a clear demand for products with little or no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and organic cooling lubricants. Safety in particular is a very important issue in the shipping sector. Due to varying safety requirements from country to country the labeling of pictograms and warning signs is of extra importantance. More and more young people are working in the Yacht painting sector who value safe and ecological products.

Eco-Point solutions

Eco-Point has specific cleaning agents for the Yacht paining sector. These can be seamlessly and without many adjustments customised to fit into your current processes. More and more of our products are free of hazard symbols. This makes our products a safe alternative to environmentally harmful products such as thinner or acetone

Need advice?

Eco-Point possesses knowledge of specific issues concerning maintenance and cleaning in the Yacht painting sector. Please contact us for guidance and advice. We would be happy to visit you on location for personal advice and demonstration of maintenance and cleaning agents for the Yacht painting sector.