Proplex is safe powerful biodegradable product for removing ink, glue, adhesives, paint and graffiti.

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General description

Proplex is the safe alternative to traditional cleaners and contains no dangerous, harmful or environmental damaging solvents. Proplex is used for cleaning both solvent and water-based inks from printing plates, printing rollers, screens etc.  Proplex is biodegradable with a high flash point. Furthermore, Proplex can be used to remove colour agents, certain types of paint, adhesives, pen marks etc.

Proplex is Hazard Symbol Free

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Product application

Proplex is the answer to removing inks and glues from:

  • Printing plates and screens
  • Floors and walls
  • Tools
  • Office printing equipment

Proplex can also be used to:

  • Clean paint brushes
  • Remove remains of epoxy-based 2 components added coatings
  • Remove graffiti
  • Remove stickers

The solution

After intense research, Eco Point succeeded in developing a biodegradable product, designed to remove all types of ink quickly and efficiently. Using Proplex will result in a cleaner, safer, and more pleasant working environment. 

  • Often, aggressive and damaging solvents are used to remove ink
  • In many cases, these solvents are damaging the environment
  • In many cases, these solvents have low flash points
  • The volatile nature of many solvents causes high concentrations of fumes in the air breathed by the people who work with these solvents
  • The conventional solvents also cause skin and eye problems for the user.

Product advantages

  • Proplex is fully biodegradable
  • Proplex has a very low evaporation rate
  • Proplex has a high flashpoint
  • Proplex is water soluble and economic in use
  • Proplex is safe to use on all types of surfaces and materials, such as synthetic materials, metal, glass, aluminium, etc.
  • Proplex cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Proplex can be rinsed off with water


Proplex can make painted surfaces matt.

Use instructions

Proplex can be sprayed, dipped or may be used with a rag.

Product sector overview

The problem with paint removers:

Removing paint is a hassle. Paint can stain and dry on various surfaces where you may not want paint to end up, like carpets, glass, counters, walls, roads, stone, brickwork and vehicles. There are a variety of traditional paint removal methods available on the market, but most of them contain harmful chemical compounds that are corrosive. They are hazardous to you and to the environment. A classic paint removal method is using paint thinner, an alcohol-based solvent that is harmful to you if inhaled, and harmful to the environment when washed away into drains, water pipes and the ground.

How to remove paint using Eco-Point’s Multisol 210:

While there are effective paint removers that exist on the market, they often contain hazardous chemicals and substances. While they may work in removing and cleaning paint off various surfaces, they are extremely harmful to your health and to the environment. Chemical runoff from these substances infiltrates the water systems, pipes and the earth that further pollute our planet and contribute to global warming.

At Eco-Point, we have said enough is enough. We’ve developed an environmentally safe but powerful and effective range of paint removal cleaning agents that can remove paint from surfaces without damaging them, or you, or the planet.

Multisol 210 replaces every other cleaning solution available on the market with a biodegradable solvent that just works. The solvents commonly needed to remove paint are often harmful and hazardous, containing volatile compounds. These solvents often have fast evaporation rates which then become dangerous to inhale, possible leading to brain damage.

Multisol 210 not only effectively cleans paint off any surface, is safe for you to use and is harmless to the environment but also;

  • a very powerful paint remover
  • biodegradable
  • not corrosive and therefore does not affect the ozone layer
  • can be used safely on many different kinds of paint
  • silicone free
  •  ‘the’ alternative for many aggressive solvents that contain methylene chloride or aromatic carcinogenic compounds

Multisol 210 is used in its pure form – no need to dilute or mix with anything else! The product can be used by pumping, flushing and plunging.

Pumping/ flushing: pump the fluid through or over the objects that need be

cleaned of paint (if necessary, using a high-volume low-pressure pump) and let it circulate for a while. If the result isn’t satisfactory, repeat this until you’re happy and the paint has been removed!

  • Plunging: plunge the object in Multisol 210 and let it sit for some time, then take it out if clean enough and let it dry. If necessary, you can rinse with water and wipe dry.

Be advised that while Multisol 210 is an eco-friendly and safe product to use to remove paint, it must be handled with care and caution. Multisol 210 can affect surfaces. We recommend you patch-test the product on a small area before using to clean.

About Eco-Point

At Eco-Point, the environment and your safety are at the heart of everything we do. All of our products are eco-friendly and safe to use. Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Eco-Point has grown from a 2-person team in the Netherlands to a large, multi-national company. Where possible, we use renewable resources and ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials. This is what sets us apart. Our products work, while protecting the environment. 

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