Ecosem is a user friendly and ecologically safe commercial cleaning concentrate, specially developed for use in the food processing industry.

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General description

Ecosem is a water dilutable, biodegradable cleaner for removing lime, algae, rust, and soap remains, brass scale, welding discolouration etc. Ecosem  is designed for use in the food processing industry.

Product application

Ecosem is used to clean:

  • Wash-room and kitchens
  • Terraces and paths
  • Walls, roofs, floors
  • Sanitary fittings
  • Metals and aluminium
  • Removal of oxides from aluminium, copper and brass
  • Removal of persistent lime scale
  • Removal of rust scale

The Solution

Ecosem is safe in use due to its neutral PH value. However, Ecosem has excellent lime dissolving qualities and has a powerful cleaning action. This combination gives Ecosem its multifunctional character that deals effectively with grease, dirt, lime and soap remains in damp rooms. Furthermore, Ecosem is obviously able to remove cement veil, concrete scale, algae-, rust- and copper scale, etc.

  • Lime scale on places where hot water is used
  • Rust and algae scale on paths, floors, roofs and walls
  • Deposits of lime and soap in shower cabins, toilets and bathrooms
  • Aggressive acids used in traditional products cause damage due to their corrosive       character
  • Aggressive acids spread harmful fumes; they harm the environment and cannot be       used without safety risks

  • Product advantages

    • Ecosem is fast in action and economical use
    • Ecosem is safe to use and ecologically safe
    • Ecosem is fully biodegradable and multifunctional
    • Ecosem substitutes aggressive dangerous acids
    • Ecosem can be easily applied and is odourless


    Stainless steel, galvanised surfaces, zinc and certain types of chrome should be treated with care. Always rinse well and in case of doubt test first. Do not use on natural stone such as marble.

    Working method

    • Dilute Ecosem with water depending on the severity of the pollution on the object
    • Ecosem can be applied by spraying or brushing
    • Rinse with water after application
    • When used on porous walls we recommend wetting them first regarding the sucking action of stones

    Product sector overview

    The Problem with removing grease and degreasers:

    Removing grease is often tricky and time consuming if not done properly. Grease can get everywhere, and it can spread, from your kitchen to your factory to your car Grease gets into machinery and negatively impacts performance, and can also stain everyday items such as carpets, countertops, bicycles and cars: grease is a problem. It doesn’t have to be.

    At Eco-Point, we’ve developed a heavy-duty degreaser that cuts grease and removes it easily. A variety of degreasers and industrial level grease removers are available to purchase, but a majority of them are made with chemical compounds that are bad for you and for the environment. We have a solution for that, so you can now easily remove grease from any surface.

    How to remove grease using Eco-Point’s Natusol:

    We’ve developed a powerful industry level degreaser that works effortlessly, and is friendly to the environment and to you. Natusol is a user-friendly cleaner and degreaser. It does not include chemicals and compounds that are harmful to you or to the planet. It is also a safe alternative to degreasers such as thinners and white spirits that are hazardous and volatile.

    Eco-Point Natusol is not only an industry level degreaser that will strip metal, wood, machinery, glass, amongst other surfaces from grease, but it also has a variety of special features that makes it the best degreaser on the market.

    Natusol is aromatic free and has a fresh fragrance

    • Natusol is pleasant and safe to use. It won’t harm you or the environment
    • Natusol does not contain chloral hydrocarbons and dangerous chemical compounds
    • Easy to apply with USD (upside down) sprayer, which makes spraying in all positions possible
    • Natusol degreases sublimely and can be rinsed off with water
    • Natusol is user and material friendly
    • Natusol can be safely used on all sorts of metals and most synthetic materials
    • Natusol contains emulsifiers
    • This product contains emulsifiers, this makes a (temporary) mixing with water possible, but, in particular, promotes removability by rinsing

    How to remove grease using Natusol:

    Natusol is used in its pure form to remove grease. It can be used to degrease surfaces via spraying, scrubbing with a cloth, brushing or by plunging.

    Spraying: Spray Natusol directly onto the surface you want to strip of grease. Leave to soak, and then clean with a cloth or rinse with water.

    • Plunging: Plunge whatever it is you want to strip of grease into Natusol. Leave to soak and once grease has been removed, rinse with water or dry with air-pressure.

    About Eco-Point

    At Eco-Point, the environment and your safety are at the heart of everything we do. All of our products are eco-friendly and safe to use.

    Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Eco-Point has grown from a two-person team in the Netherlands to a large, multi-national company. Where possible, we use renewable resources and ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials. This is what sets us apart. Our range of products work, while protecting the environment.

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