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About Eco-Point

About Eco-Point

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Solutions

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About Eco-Point

The natural choice for a clean world – premium performance using Bio-Based raw materials

Eco-Point produces ecological cleaning and maintenance products to remove grease, lime, glue, ink, rust and paint for the industrial and commercial market. Most products contain natural raw materials, are biodegradable and – if used as intended – harmless to humans and the environment.

We work with residual flows of sugar beet, maize and rapeseed, which are upcycled into products that do not require hazard symbols. These hazard symbol-free products are safe alternatives to environmentally harmful products such as thinner, acetone, benzene, white spirit.

We are not only a cleaning solutions supplier, but also a partner. Our collaboration always starts with a meeting on-site. We take stock of the situation and provide the customer with customized advice and a demonstration of the appropriate product. We can also organize information and training sessions on-site. 

Where possible, we use renewable resources; ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials – that is the Eco-Point difference.

Many traditional cleaning and maintenance products are harmful to health and the environment. We are convinced that we can make a difference; in our own laboratory in Holland, we develop sustainable and ecological cleaning and maintenance products for all sectors and applications, whether you work in the construction, automotive, food, haulage, paint, pharmaceutical industries etc. and for all applications; the removal of grease, lime, glue, ink, rust, paint etc.

Where possible our products contain natural raw materials and are biodegradable and provided the product is used correctly, are harmless to humans and the environment. Almost all products are free of hazard symbols. A such Eco-Point products are a safe alternative to environmentally harmful products containing thinners, acetone, benzene, white spirit etc.

Own knowledge centre – educate and inform

Eco-Point has its own knowledge centre with specialists who are aware of the latest developments in legislation and cleaning and product applications. We are happy to share this knowledge with you, through training and education at your location.

Ecologically sound With

Eco-Point, ecology goes further than just the products. The facade of our office is built with red cedar wood; cork and linseed oil have been used for the floor covering and the walls are plastered with clay. All these materials are natural and sustainable.

Guaranteed quality – consistent performance

ISO 9001: 2015

The product development process laid down in our ISO quality system is not left to chance. Our raw materials, end products and procedures in sales and production meet the strict quality requirements. We have the ISO 9001: 2015 quality management certificate.

ISO 14001

Eco-Point is certified in the field of environmental management. This means that our environmental management system complies with international laws and regulations. We also continuously measure and improve our environmental performance.

ISEGA quality mark

In the food industry, strict requirements apply to cleaning minimizing the risk of contamination. Eco-Point offers products that meet these requirements and are certified for use in the food and related industries. ISEGA certified products contribute to a controlled working environment and can also be perfectly adapted to the BRC and IFS standards.

The best advice to improve your cleaning and maintenance

We are not only a supplier of cleaning and maintenance products, but also your partner. Our collaboration starts with a meeting at your location. We map out your situation and you will receive tailored advice and a demonstration of the appropriate products.

Our Story - How Eco-Point started

It all started at the waterside where a ten-year-old boy named Ferry was taking spawn from the frogs to grow it at home. When the frogs were grown, he put them back. When he checked a few days later the frogs were dead, and he noticed a bad chemical smell.

Ferry knew that this cannot continue. He furthered his education and after several internships he discovered that most companies were not caring about the environmental damage caused by their actions. The rules in the 80’s were not focused towards environmental responsibility and that was contributing to creating the greenhouse effect and warming the Earth's surface.

The companies Ferry worked for were only focused on profit and not the environmental consequences of their actions. Ferry could not defend any company with these beliefs. That gave him the idea to work for a competitor, or maybe better, to start a company by himself. In 1991 Ferry started his own little company with his friend Henk. They brought totally new cleaning products to the market that were not harmful to the environment. One of the first cleaning products made was produced using orange peel.

When these first products hit the market, sales immediately grew. Ferry and Henk started together in a very small hall in a village in the south of the Netherlands. Finally, they had found an inexhaustible resource of raw materials. They started to collaborate with clients in the Netherlands and made their circle bigger. Since then, Eco-Point only grew from strength to strength.

Now we operate in the Netherlands, UK, and France. Our people are working daily searching for new sustainable resources. We always try to ensure that we do not have any nature-damaging labels on our products.

Pretty particular for a cleaning and maintenance product supplier!

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