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Water-based Adhesive Remover

Water-based Adhesive Remover

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The best remover to clean water-based adhesives

Industrial adhesives are used by thousands of different companies across a number of industries, ranging from packaging, woodworking, to graphic art and road signage.

There are a multitude of glues available on the market that work well depending on the job they are being used to do. A popular glue is water-based adhesive, which is a liquid or semi-liquid glue used to bond one surface to another. Water based adhesives are supplied as pre-mixed solutions or formulated as dry powders which producers must mix with water to obtain adhesive properties.

Issues begin to arise when adhesive glue residue gets into various types of machinery, conveyor belts, chain floors and other vital parts of factory work. These production facilities can get polluted by glue residue, which in turn negatively affects the functioning of these machines and the quality of the products they produce. Cleaning these via volatile and corrosive solvents is harmful to the environment and is not user-friendly.

Water-based adhesives remover – the best remover to clean water-based adhesives

Gluetex NF - Commercial Glue, Adhesive & Label Cleaner and Remover

While there are many water-based adhesive solvents available, ranging from DIY options such as paint thinner (a hazardous solution that is harmful when inhaled) to aggressive lyes. While these are effective in removing water-based adhesives, they are harmful to the environment and can damage your health.

At Eco-point, we have developed a powerful industrial cleaner containing natural soda, developed for the external cleaning of glue and labelling machines and their surroundings.

Gluetex NF is eco-friendly, biodegradable and harmless to you and the environment. It is a concentrated water dilutable cleaning agent based on fully biodegradable and naturally occurring surface-active ingredients and detergents.

Gluetex meets all demands that are put on cleaning agents for materials that can make contact with food in the food processing industry. We have specially developed Gluetex for cleaning labelling machines and their surroundings in bottling rooms, breweries and any other industrial cleaning needs that may arise.

Gluetex is not only environmentally friendly, but also a powerful cleaning agent that works.

  • Gluetex NF is the user friendly and safe solution for cleaning adhesive glue
  • safe working conditions: Gluetex NF is the safe substitute for thinner and aggressive lyes
  • well cleaned and maintained glue machinery will result in a smoother workflow resulting in fewer production losses and interruptions. Your machinery will work better.
  • Using Gluetex NF works. Your machinery and industrial items that need cleaning will be fully stripped of water-based adhesive in a way that is harmless to you and the environment.

Furthermore, Gluetex NF comes with additional special features on top of being an effective and powerful water based adhesive glue remover that aren’t available elsewhere on the market:

  • Gluetex NF is fully biodegradable because of its natural and surface-active ingredients and detergents
  • Gluetex NF is water dilutable
  • Gluetex NF contains natural soda to ensure a powerful adhesive glue remover and cleaning.
  • Gluetex NF is a super concentrate making it economic in use
  • Gluetex NF is not corrosive and not flammable, thus safe in use
  • Gluetex NF is multipurpose and will replace many environmentally damaging (chemical) cleaning agents that do not have to be stored anymore. E.P. Gluetex NF meets all demands that are put on cleaning agents for materials that can make contact with food in the food processing industry.

How to use Gluetex NF to remove water-based adhesives

Gluetex is water dilutable from 1:1 to 1:50, depending on the degree and kind of water-based adhesive you are wanting to remove. We advise that you contact your product advisor to enquire about the degree of dilution necessary for Gluetex to work as well as possible on your specific machinery. Please note that Gluetex becomes visible after application as most glues turn white while dissolving, after which they can be easily wiped away. This is not anything to worry about, this means that the adhesive glue is being removed!

Gluetex can be applied via spraying, brushing or plunging.

  • Plunging: submerge the object requiring cleaning into Gluetex and let it sit until the water based adhesive glue has been dissolved. Once clean to your desired standards, remove the object and rise with water, then wipe dry.
  • Spraying: spray machinery requiring cleaning using a suitable dilution, leave to soak and then rinse with water or wipe with a moist sponge or cloth.
  • Brushing: use a brush to apply a layer Gluetex to whatever you need cleaned of water based adhesive glue, let it soak and rinse Gluetex and the pollutant adhesive with a moist sponge or cloth.

Using Gluetex safely to remove water-based glues

If using Gluetex to remove water based adhesive glues on glass, ensure to rinse with water immediately. If using on aluminium, make sure to test Gluetex on a small area first. When used in a pure, undiluted form Gluetex may cause dullness to paint. As Gluetex is safe to use and harmless if used correctly, it is suitable for cleaning any machinery in the food processing industry.

About Eco-point

At Eco-Point, the environment and your safety are at the heart of everything we do. All of our graffiti cleaner products are eco-friendly and safe to use.

Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Eco-Point has grown from a two-person team in the Netherlands to a large, multi-national company. Where possible, we use renewable resources and ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials. This is what sets us apart. Our products work, while protecting the environment.

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