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Environmentally-Friendly Sticker Residue Remover

Environmentally-Friendly Sticker Residue Remover

Effectively remove stickers in a way that is safe for you and the environment

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How to remove stickers and sticker residue safely

Heavy duty stickers often leave behind a residue after they have been removed or can damage the surface they are being removed from after removal. Removing stickers is a hassle.

There are a variety of sticker removers on the market and while they work to remove stickers, they can damage surfaces, as well as being harmful to the environment and to you. Sticker adhesives can damage road signs and many other materials and surfaces from which they are being removed.

Sticker Adhesive Removal

At Eco-Point, we’ve developed a sticker removal product called Safeco, that can remove stickers and sticker residue off vehicles, machinery, glass, metal and plastic, alongside other surfaces without damaging the surface you are trying to remove stickers from. Not only is Safeco a powerful sticker residue cleaner, but it is also eco-friendly and safe to use. It won’t damage the planet, or you!

Environmentally friendly graffiti remover

How to use Safeco

Safeco can be used to remove stickers and sticker residue by spraying, using a cloth, brushing or plunging.

  • Spraying: spray Safeco directly onto the surface that needs to be cleaned of sticker residue. Leave to soak and remove dissolved sticker residue remains with a cloth. Rinse with water or air pressure.
  • Plunging: plunge the object that needs to be cleaned of sticker residue directly into Safeco. Let it soak. Once the sticker residue has dissolved, rinse and wipe clean with a cloth.
  • Dry objects or surfaces that have been cleaned with a cloth, air circulation, air pressure or natural drying
  • Sticker residue can be removed using a cloth or a brush.

About Eco-point

At Eco-Point, the environment and your safety are at the heart of everything we do. All of our graffiti cleaner products are eco-friendly and safe to use.

Founded in 1991 with the mission of creating environmentally friendly cleaning and maintenance products, Eco-Point has grown from a two-person team in the Netherlands to a large, multi-national company. Where possible, we use renewable resources and ecologically responsible alternatives to traditional environmentally harmful raw materials. This is what sets us apart. Our products work, while protecting the environment.

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